Practical Ways – 14. Graphical Organizers for Summarization

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Using different types of graphical organizers to give a visual representation of the context in text or make a brief idea or layout or summarize the text is very useful while teaching and learning as well. The advantage of using them it helps to make visual ways to represent different concepts , stories or connectivity between elements , flow of the process .This helps teaching , connecting , remembering , understanding , comparing concepts easier. This helps to make information which can be used to make inferences and synthesizing . Which is very important to develop confident and independent learners if they are taught how to make or use these graphical organizers for content.

  • Story Maps – it helps in creating a framework of different elements of the story characters , plot , setting , problem , solution , main idea , theme. There can be many different types depending on the depth or details covered about the character or plot. Check this link [ ]

  • KWL chart – this chart helps students to form connection while reading by connecting and writing down what they know , what they want to know , what they learnt .Thus form a discussion before and after reading a content.

  • Tree diagram and hierarchy diagram- A tree diagram show various possibilities branching from a source and splitting ahead and forming connection of possible outcomes or make links between various parts in a problem especially in maths. Hierarchy diagram are used represent categories and hierarchies.

  • Tables that represent comparison of data

  • Life cycle that represent data in time driven manner in the order of the events .

  • Flowchart that represents a process and various parts or decisions in the flow of the process.

  • Concept Maps / Mind maps – A concept map is a visual organizer that helps understanding of a new concept. Using this helps to think about the concept in various angles .”What is it? What is it like? What are some examples?” Concept maps deepen understanding and comprehension

Make these graphical organizers while teaching kids and help them connect better while reading and understanding . Aslo use these to help kids remember and connect to what was taught easily.

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