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Ego is self harm.
is sitting in self created bed of thorns.
is denying help at hands length.
cos you are always at the right end.
is when victory is alone yours to savor.
losses always because of others.
is unable to hear or see.
for you are in blind belief.
is forgetting the journey.
remembering the trophy.

Ego is stupidity,
cutting the branch you are sitting,
digging pits for self to fall in.
pointing others for the mess you are in.

you dont want to hear opinion.
you don’t learn from experience.
you are always the epitome.

Ego is holding you are self made,
Ignoring the journey and those that paved.

Ego is me,
no one better than me.
all encompassing is me.
no one knows better than me.
no one can be like me.

Ego is not knowing,
we are nothing.
but a tiny speck,
in this universe unending.

Copyright © 2020 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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