Big Skills – 3. Declutter and Organize

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Sometimes its important to break away from the routine. Routine keeps us so engaged and bound by time table that we forget to look in to those areas which every now and then need to be cleared up. Take up those tasks that got stacked or build up , clear up those corners that got ignored or missed. Organize and put things in better order to start with new comfort and fresh perspective. A clean place or mind gives you better vision and to work with calmer mindset.

Declutter anything from physical hoarding , to untidy corners , store rooms but also our mind , our work , our ideas , our attitude .Give it a streamline plan it , evaluate it , make those correction from experience , take ideas from others and sources , keep the right part get rid of unwanted extras. Its this time and effort which actually makes works on others day easily flow without much adding to stress and yet finding time for everything to achieve. Without having to take the extra burden on daily basis of how to make it happen , what would be the best option , areas that would have helped but didn’t receive attention.

Decide on the priority of your time , of your life , of your choices make room for those that keep you going.Take up something new which otherwise was occupied by those unorganised , crowded and messy ways.Declutter always makes space for something new to enter in your life.Get rid of the unnecessary old stuff or thoughts which hold no meaning or have lost value as you gain better perspective and grow, things that were holding you back or that you held hoping to use some day.

Wok on yourself to reach your better potential self evaluation , self awareness, your next milestone at personal level – mind , body and soul. To achieve the right inner balance. Working on those relations and responsibilities with a new approach and make better connections.

Declutter is a continuous process , time out every now and then to clear those parts in life that got cornered , come up with more better ways , organize to make life easy , and upgrade to a better version of yourself.

Happy new year to all Declutter and organize to make it happen

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