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Competitive Event

It looks like i am out of ideas and wits to handle kids with them at home .Though i have been reading , writing and trying all creative ways and ideas they still feel bored and keep looking for something new ways to learn to be engaged if not met a regular outlet is getting lost in the handset or irritation or fights. I think that’s how with kids looking for different ways to fill their curious mind , explore more spectrums of human intelligence and emotions and in the process learn to use the knowledge and regulate or deal with emotions and development. Kids are more about surprises , variety, exploring , intriguing. Its like packing the same gift in different boxes with new attractive and exciting wrappers , presenting it on different occasions and still them surprised and use the same gifts with a new perspective.

Now the kids has started to show boredom not very difficult to understand they start dragging and annoying. Since schools are closed they miss those events that happened around the year to show their talents with their peers and the excitement it brought along. I came up with this idea of a challenge or competition where we had a list of events based on the performances of which they would be given points. We had an indoor sport event race the most common one spoon and lemon , a 10 min dance performance on their favorite song , a poem or story saying , drawing the topic and quiz on basic manners .We put up this score board on a black board to make it feel real.

They were much excited and got a boost of doing or showcasing their best. But i had this other challenge to meet to keep the peace at home . I had this three rounds of every activity and would level the scores in such a way the participants would fare just a point close to each other .Also i made sure the end result would end up same, so there wont be a fight or tantrums .The idea was keeping up the spirit , trying to put best and help them connect like a competitive event, the final result wasn’t the focus. In the process i helped them work on their competitive spirit , cheering for the other , rehearsal and practicing for their event , learn from the performance of another , strive to better.

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