Define Love

close up of tree against sky

Love streams in every realm
When it originates from a spring

Give yours all the love they want
for it breathes life in all

Expect love only from them
who knows love above all

Love has no boundaries
Nor time nor distance
Makes it less effective

With duties and rules
Its still waters in pool collecting
Its love that keep moving, to meet the ocean ending

Dont go looking for Love
Sometimes its just within
Sometimes worth the waiting
Sometimes it takes a lifetime finding
Sometimes its just around you missing

Love doesnt change
Love doesnt bound
Love is in existence
Not present in condition

Love has no face nor name
Sometimes they are memories or space

For some
Love is breathing
Love is gravity
Love is formless
Love has no tags
Love has no labels
Love is in service
Love is admire
Love is beauty
Love is for all mankind
Love in acts of being kind

Choose every reason to love
Over every reason not to love
For life without love
is Alive without soul

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