Dealing with Stubborn Kids

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What it is to have a stubborn kid ask a parent with one. Its such a difficult task making connection or even talking or getting them to talk. sometimes overwhelming and meltdowns for the parents see their kids behave totally not ready to conform. Worst the stress adding up , is their behavior might effect us as parents and the social impact as they grow up with those traits making it impossible to talk or help them change. Sometimes these stubbornness get pushed into aggressive behavior if not dealt in the right time or ways.

Dealing with stubborn children is difficult because they have habit of not listening or following and sticking to what they want for no logical reason or just because they have decided . There are various reasons genetic or influences for this behavior . Some traits common in them are they always want to question or argue when told to do something especially if they are not willing. They think they know what’s right and want to do what they like. They may throw tantrums if pushed to follow instruction or conform. They are more in a mindset of opposition if that’s what they not like and always stick to their opinion even without listening what other has to say , its different than being strong willed or determined.

The most difficult part is to get them listening one way is get them to comfort or easy zone by showing you are listening or being empathetic. Sometimes instead of instructing them you can give them options to choose from. Work with them as their friends or peers so they don’t feel as if receiving instructions instead its of working together. Negotiate with them , this doesnt mean give in to their demands or material exchange, just workout mid ways some of what what they would like to do or what they expect from you.

The kids are very good at picking up arguments or may get into unwanted discussuions or stretch to unknown extent of topic . Getting into this trap will only lead to more stress and agression or tantrums from the child. Never get into arguments insted clearly explain your disapproval and why its a necessity . Instead of giving a reaction to their argument or agresssion give them reasoning and think of ways to get it done.Sometimes use crearrtive or indirect ways to get the same task done . Sometimes you can move their attention from the task to other smaller parts and then let them do the task.Break thhe task into smaller parts so that it can be completed as when stubborn kids get bored keeping them focused is another war.

When all is done take out time regularly to talk on those events or tasks where the child showed stubbornness, help them understand why the behavior is unacceptable and needs to be changed. Explain them the and make them realize through various ways or real examples may be sometimes visual aids or some stories or showing other kids around why they need to change and learn to accept and listen what’s being taught to them for their own goodness and safety and future. Explain to them how not conforming can have effects and consequences on their life which can impact their relations , future learning and growth . Talk with examples of their interest sports , art or profession that excites or they aim . tell them how this behavior can create hurdles and problems in achieving their dreams .

Dealing stubborn kids has both the troubles getting them to listen and getting a task done in every situation , training and helping them to work on this behavior regularly so that it doesn’t become a trouble for all in the future. Deal both the issues differently don’t try to change their behavior and even helping get the task done at the same time because its a two things to handle at the same time with stubborn kids. At the most never loose your calm and never take their response personally instead work out ways and help them change with a positive mindset.

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