Being Unique

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Every individual is unique either born with unique set of skills , unique in their nature or thinking, unique because of their journey. There is no special ingredient or secret to follow or copy and be special , one of a kind. Actually its in ourselves and our uniqueness that makes us special.

Its being unique what makes each different and human. If all are to trained and follow same we would be robots and clones just imitating or programmed. Its in this one makes choices or picks up interests something that comes naturally or connect with heart. Its important to preserve , nourish and develop this uniqueness than try to fit all in the same mould. Its from this every person chooses fields he can do best rather than crowding in those already concentrated domains hoping to make name and fortune.

Race will cease to exist if we understand the uniqueness in every individual. This will lead to better and widespread use of resources making healthy and sustainable situation for all. Its this race which is actually meaningless which leads to wastage and imbalance with concentration only in those profitable fields. Some aimless keep running the race , some pushed to make a living, Some end up lost keeping through the race.

Every child in unique if tapped and put to right use and enhanced under proper guidance makes them achieve great and sustain even in the face of greatest challenge. Let them follow their dreams , they will make a space for themselves , being happy and contended with what they achieve , cancelling out any race to win, In the process make happy living for every other being .

Every kid is unique and their journey different , let them make choices and interests that makes best use of their skills and gets the best out of them. Being yourself is unique and that’s what makes it special.

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