Big Skills – 2. Resilience

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Nowadays kids are brought up in bubble wrap , protected and safeguarded against any exposure to challenges , setbacks or failures. This actually keeps them totally ignorant of facing those failures and rising from them , also being prepared for any such future situations. It is more of a mental preparation and training which unless experienced cant be developed based on ones individual traits and capacity.

Not everything in life happens as we decide or plan or ought to happen . Sometimes there are unavoidable , unknown circumstances that act as obstacles or set backs or failures in the journey. The ability to accept, bounce back and adapt to these life changing situations sometimes in the form of crisis , trauma, abuse , stress , adversaries and yet building self to withstand , grow and learn from these difficult experiences is Resilience.It not only helps us to overcome difficulties but its during these times we come with ways or solutions that form transition to progress and better future.

With Covid we all have been facing life changing situations in all phases emotional , phycological , physical, community thus building resilience and also working towards a more sustainable growth and development for all.Its these times that have brought in change , approach and mindset and innovative ways to focus and preserve our environment so that such pandemics are avoided and build a better planet.

Building Resilience:

Self Awareness -These unknown situations trigger strong emotions with uncertainty and difficulties which needs to be dealt in a healthy a proper manner through emotional regulation. Self awareness knowing ones strength and weakness well and how well we respond under a circumstance forms the base of our preparation. Having optimistic outlook and practice mindfulness. Believe in yourself and have confidence in your ability to handle situations. Self care with healthy mind and body gives you a strong foundation

Purpose / Goal -Building resilience needs to lot of practice and is not a easy path as one goes through those crisis or experiences . The process helps in personal development and builds strength and skills to overcome these situations which later becomes their support to overcome challenges and problems. The process of developing resilience involves lots of hardship and persistence also a lot of emotional distress to deal with. Having clear goals or purpose helps to make right decisions while facing challenges.

Accept Change – Sometimes accepting changes as a part of life helps to redefine those goals and ideals that are no longer valid .Thus accepting the changes help one work better and focus on those areas that needs or can be changed. Resilience prepares one to accept and adapt to situations .Developing or having social attributes like gratitude , compassion , forgiveness , acceptance , reasoning form base in developing resilience .Traits like flexibility, adaptability, and perseverance make a person build resilience by changing certain thoughts and behaviors.

Planning / coping skills / problem solving : Building Resilience by being proactively prepared and develop coping skills achieved with experience and self evaluation. Thus they are better prepared to handle adversity or setbacks. Applying critical thinking to think and plan ahead of time to prevent things from happening or minimizing damages. Some strategies involve breaking down problems and challenges into smaller, achievable pieces, avoiding things that trigger extreme anxiety, and just letting some things go and move on as these are part of the changes. Learning ways to cope the stress effectively. Problem solving skills and Planning to develop better ways to handle similar situations and empower to tackle such situations.

Connection and contributing : To connect with people and offering service gives purpose and self worth .Sometimes connecting and being empathetic and contributing to ones community makes relations stronger and readiness to seek and ask for help when one too needs it too. Close relations family and friends help cope better by giving more better ways to deal with situations.

Resilience not only gives the strength to overcome difficulties and emerge stronger but in the process gives way to different ways and innovations to transit from these tough times to a better tomorrow.It is during these times new ways and methods are found that helps in making progress and better life .To bring in and implement these new ideas or thoughts to avoid such adversities in future. Thus pandemic has not only build resilience and a major shift and approach on sustainable development and our environment to protect from further damages and adversaries to mankind.

We need to build resilience to develop skills to face those challenges that may arise in life. People who lack resilience are more likely to feel overwhelmed or helpless, and rely on unhealthy coping strategies such as avoidance, isolation, and self-medication. Resilience needs to developed and build as a process where one experiences stressful situations or in daily life activities and learning ways to adapt and bounce back to get back to their life without it forming road blocks or stopping ones progress towards life.

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