Learning Goals for Kids

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Hi friends as we are near to start of new year we all are busy planning making new goals and resolutions. If you are a parent and homeschooling or newly introduced to teaching your kids these plan and goals can make your year better. For more on the ideas discussed here and links on homeschooling and practical ways, check out those categories on my site.

When dealing with young kids guided learning in planned manner , also keeping up with their interest and concentration levels , making it a regular practice and implement remedial action based on insights , all of it needs to be considered. Learning doesn’t alone come from books and studies there are multiple ways one can expose kids to learning about everything:

  • Have a teaching plan prepared for every subject whether math , language , environmental studies , writing , science or moral science. Plan the topics how would you like to cover or flow or subtopics with details and right resources. Never make the child to focus on only one subject or topic for long. Make sure to have a study plan to learn from different subjects and revise on them regularly. Sometimes combine topics from more than one subjects together.
  • Make use of others resources of learning like play , learning videos , magazines, flash cards, worksheets, charts , diy activities , stem based activities.
  • Teach kids something new everyday through real life examples or about life skills useful at their age .
  • Make reading a routine have set books of stories or magazines or informative books for their age , either you read it to them or let them read based on their age . But choose book wisely with illustrations , language and content based on age.
  • Learning through play both structured , unstructured . Play can boost learning either through guided method or boost creativity and imagination in independent playing.
  • Language development both spoken language and semantics either through conversations or let them speak on topics , stories , events , people or experience / memories.
  • Creativity enhancement through arts, play , making , act , dance etc.
  • Physical education about eating right , exercising , yoga or some outdoor sport keeping the current restrictions .
  • Family time through play , discussions or activities or festivals . Building those bonds stronger and help the kids make feel loved and cared .
  • Inculcating values through talk and examples or stories.
  • Give them enough time to work alone on their own for what they learnt and let them learn from their mistakes.
  • Peer time with friends , siblings help them collaborate and exchange building those social skills.
  • Talk about those big skills , empathy , handling emotions , organizing , saving our resources and planet.

Set those learning goals for your kids with the right mix of resources from various sources so that all facets of development are equally focused. Happy New year in advance to more hopes and happy new beginnings because learning never ends and no one way of learning is ever complete.

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