Big Skills – 1. Multitasking

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Hi dear readers and blogger friends , I am starting this new category of of posts about “Big skills” , where i will discuss about those big skills from parenting point of view and important as a part of child development for a good , peaceful and sustainable future for self and others. These are those skills that we learn beyond academics but are important from point of view of life , relations , society, sustainability , self care also known as those ” life skills”.

“Multitasking ” – Yes with advances in technology we have learned to multitask in many ways , but with ongoing scenarios most of us actually got pushed to real time using of this skills in life. Where everybody is juggling and switching between multiple tasks or duties. Whether it at job , homemaker , students , entrepreneurs, self employed they are using multitasking to increase their result and handle all responsibilities or switch between of those tasks.

Multitasking in personal life is also become a necessity of current times. Many a time we complaint of not finding time to focus on all areas of life or find time for all we love or to work on our interests .How well can we manage , switch between responsibilities , people , activities , work and still be bale to give time to all spheres . If not regularly but in a planned manner. Here multitasking becomes more of a” mindset ” more than a skill. Some points that help achieving it:

  • Plan the activities in such a ways you allocate enough time and have subpoint where you can take a break or switch, thus deal it as a continuous process .
  • Have reflective , remedial , reverse engineering approach and work on insights from previous works and make changes to attitude , approach to make it easier or better ways to implement.
  • Dont press for perfect every time , try to achieve in incremental ways with achieving better putting in more inputs the next time.
  • Dont ignore areas of life that look of less value because these are those areas that may matter to others the most and will create more gaps the more it gets ignored.
  • Sometimes reservation and ideologies limit our approach to accept or make room for new realms , make an attempt to give it a try and make space for it.

Multitask in work can be weakness if not handled correctly. Rather than juggling between multiple work handle them in chunks and complete to a point before moving to another. So that you can get back an d continue from where you left . Have a proper plan prepared before you multitask to clearly define those breakpoints where you want to put down the work and switch. A plan is required for the work based on time and sub parts, the priority of the tasks based on current situations. It is also necessary to keep a check on multitasking so that it does not adds to stress , so be sure to work on only how much you can handle. Certain work would require a much amount of concentration and focus while dealing with it have enough patience and give enough time assigned separately. Though multitasking is a great advantage every now and then take a break and focus on those areas or work that would require you single handedly focus so that you can actually work out the details. Its this multitasking that adds to stress and requires focus on very much needed self care . take care to relieve those stress through various ways regularly so that it does not build up.

At the most if all that you do is interest based and you love what you are doing whether for self or others , it will never tire you out . Instead give you sense of happiness and achievement and strive to be better. The number of task wont matter when you find heart in them , instead they will boost your brain giving it a sense of fulfillment.

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