Learn to Stand Alone


When you know its right,
For the right.


Your own will stand up against you.
Your besties will doubt you.
Ones you look up to will ignore you.
You will be all that is left with you.

Some will say to demotivate you.
Some will call you names to demoralize you.
Some will make you a joke and mock you.
Some will outcast you.

Just dont give up.
Just dont give in.
Just dont step back.
Just dont loose hope.

Put in all that you have,
Your endurance will be you power.
Your courage to stand up against every barrier.
Your instinct to follow your path.
Your efforts till the last drop.

And still,
Some will join you half way.
As you prove your mettle.

Some will wait at the end,
To see to believe it happen.

Some will benefit,
For you set the beginning.

Some will pray,
You stumble and never make it.

Let nothing,
Shake your belief.
Instill fear in your dreams,
Break your will.
Stop you from achieving.

And when you know , Its just right.
For the right.
No matter the struggles , indifferences and hurdles,
The only way to keep the fight.
You Learn to stand alone.

Copyright © 2020 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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