Practical Ways – 12. Stretching Sentence and Story Building

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The most creative thing when every child starts talking is they like to build their stories. Whether at play with their toys or dolls on their own . With a person whom them connect well to share their stories of imagination While playing with their friends when they enact or make up a scenario. Story building is when you use your imagination , creativity and elaboration to come up with your self created story just like that .You can use this to build up stories with your kids let them put parts in it or come with their own story and help them elaborate .They like being inquired , curiosity to know more about the story and building up the story putting their imagination .Inspire them to build them up and share and give inputs

  • Who is the story about the characters and decide on description or nature.
  • Where the story is about to take place
  • How does it flow and what happens next
  • Put in more interesting characters or make it funny with giving twists and jokes
  • Make up story to solve a problem or just some creative piece or connect to something or memories that one likes.

Picture stories are where instead of the normal kids moral stories or fairy stories a sequence of pictures or scenarios explain the entire story as illustrations with greater details. These picture stories help you to explore with the child various aspects of the story. Build up the story using your own words and follow transition and sequence to next picture or scenario of the story. Stretching the sentence can be used to add more details in every picture of the story using various questions like who , what , why , when, how and build more on it.

These stories can easily be expanded or explored by going into various details of the story like.

  • What the character is doing or where is it going ?
  • What is being said or thought in the current picture?
  • Feelings or expressions or reactions of the character in a scenario?
  • The flow of the story what just happened and what happens next?
  • The background details like the day , place, relatable example , real life situations .
  • What could have happened or what shouldn’t have been done ?
  • Stretching the sentence to get more details about the character or picture in the sequence using various questions.

Creatively building up stories and using picture stories to build up helps in language development , enhances creativity , helps elaborate, and develops creative thinking .At the most it helps to nurture imagination and connect with others as they share their thoughts and magical world within.

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