Painting complete picture

painted concrete block on embankment

Some deep lessons that the pandemic has taught us , how we are interdependent on each other for existence, How a fall in one part effects every other linked , We are in it together and we have to be out of it also together .This has somewhat changed the mindset about race and blame game. There is no point in racing your own kind. No matter the differences we have , need to make a collaborative effort to survive , grow and live .

The media has influenced many to have this debate on every other topic and form biased opinions. More of the energy is spent in just contradicting or putting another down. There is no serious effort to focus to work together fearing the other will take a bigger bite.

Nowadays more than what you say People highlight what you are not saying or just didn’t include in. Does that mean what we say at a moment forms a complete picture or Does that mean we don’t value the other side or Does that mean we are unaware of the other aspects. No, it just means right now we didn’t speak about it ,right now we were just expressing one of those many thoughts in the head.

Sometimes nobody is trying to disregard your viewpoint or being insensitive or being biased its one of their many thoughts or viewpoints .We say don’t judge a book by its cover or don’t jump to conclusions but in actual we not only form opinions quickly but even pass judgments instantly.

Somethings widely common with debates or discussions nowadays .Proving others wrong doesn’t make you all that right. Picking up words and putting them out of context to show another down . Rebelling is just pointing one another than tackle the problem. What is lacking is a solution mindset and able to respect the best in every perspective .Debates and discussion to have more problem solving attitude and work towards paint a more complete picture.

A single perspective is never enough to make a complete picture. Some find inspirations , some search for other angles , some ask for others perspective, some work together. Its never the best of the world unless its best of both worlds .There is always an attempt to find flaws or cracks in others vision or thoughts , as if ones is perfectly fine. Why cant it be a collaboration but always end is confliction. If the aim is for a solution just pulling down one another doesnt work. We are in it together and we have to be out of it also together.

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