Grown – Up

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Grown up

When you are A grown up
They say
-You See beyond self
-You Believe in solving problem than blaming another
-You Can multitask , manage time and make the best use of resources
-You don’t hold grudges and learn to let go.
-You have better control over your emotions and outburst
-We make conscious decisions and take responsibility in actions
-We learn to work together and make it work, not things to work on their own
-We evaluate our decisions and actions for its effects is greater
-We learn to see beyond our eyes , hear beyond what we know.

Of most we are free

But I guess we are
Still growing everyday
As it takes a lot to be a
Grown up.
Sometimes I wish
I stay the kid in me
But then finally its time
When we be the Grown up

9 thoughts on “Grown – Up

  1. Nice piece. Yes, the kid within us is pressured on all sides and crushed by various vibes. Our thoughts are conditioned treating us as a ” Grown-Up”. It’s uncomfortable