Practical Ways – 11. Hand gestures and Vocal Expressions for Learning

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Its important to keep kids attention to what you talk at the same time help the understand and connect to what is being taught .Something that helps very much is giving a pictorial representation or hands on activities to do see themselves .But when you are teaching concepts or language some symbols or hand gestures representing the flow or expressing the meaning makes a great impact and helps connect better sometimes in a fun way. You can use these movements in a repeated manner to help children with difficulties to connect better and make notable differences between concepts or use it as rhythm to connect to the flow of topic.

For example: In math’s operations like addition and subtraction using gestures how add is bringing together or how subtraction is removing out or something left. While teaching CVC use your hands to explain those joining or bringing sounds together and help them further do it on their own. Many a times stories , poems and concepts are learned using hand gestures to be able to connect better and remember the words through actions. Understanding measurements and estimations , comparisons and sequence of small to big , hand gestures helps to know what visual difference in measurement can be made. Understanding letters and their patterns by drawing through hand gestures or on sands are used to remember and differentiate between letters. Using hand gestures help them to recollect the concepts whenever needed or on their own.

Vocal Expressions are using your voice to express those emotion or character in words of speech using the pitch and pronunciation . These are very helpful when you are reading or expressing stories where using voice to stress those emotions in the sentences or situation in a story.

For example ; The story of lion and the mouse . When the lion caught the mouse can be conveyed through the suddenness or anger in the voice . You can use your voice to show difference in the behavior and nature of the lion and the mouse or when the character speaks .You can use this together with hand gestures in between to help them to relate and remember the words in story well. In future this helps them to recall , frame and develop the story with words making their own sentence. This helps them to connect and show their emotions and creative side too.

Sometimes simple things like hand gesture , vocal expression with a dedicated effort is enough to get across to kids. With every form of digitized content for learning we forget the simplicity in learning.

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