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Relationships for a reason
for common intention
for sharing emotions

Relations that think alike
that don’t attach
that serve purpose

Relationships of every type

ones that last lifetime
ones that dont stand test of time
those that are ties of blood
those that are stronger than bonds of blood

ones that need attention
ones that need intervention
ones that thrive on love
ones that keep you alive

ones with you admire
ones with who inspire

Of a kind
when time and distance dont matter
when silence speaks stronger

ones for the perfect picture
ones that give you purpose
ones that complete you
ones that are obligations to complete

ones with responsibility
ones with power and position
ones with gratitude and respect
ones with force and fear

ones with memories to cherish
ones with past never to visit
ones that you hold
ones that hold you

ones for a larger purpose of mankind
ones to meet those selfish needs and ends

The one with the self nobody else knows best
The one with The One who puts breath in every kind

All relationships have a place
Some make us what we are
Some raise us to become what we truly are