Relieving the Stress at Home

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These times are difficult and with all the family together added work chores and burden there are chances of getting stressed and having anxiety .

Sometimes we say things we dont mean to or do things we wouldn’t have ever that’s when effect of pressure building around us begin to show. And at times kids in the family behave out of control , stubborn or exhibit tantrums or anger which were otherwise very calm and well behaved. These are actually stress which cannot be expressed by words alone and when break their boundaries seem like getting out of control. Sometimes these can be a result of our lifestyle or relationships. Watch out for those signs in self and around people with you and kids in such times. Kids many a times are not aware or not able to speak what they are going through and express through such ways which needs to be observed. Sometimes we are not stressed but seeing others around stressed effects us too. Its very much necessary to maintain a calm and healthy atmosphere around for all.

Dont work on stress only when you begin to see the signs .We need to work on a regular or routine basis for self and kids to not let it build up and vent out. Make it a regular practice to be calm and stress free so that it never gets out of control. We need to work on stress before the signs start to show.

Its not easy we all need help with stress .Sometimes you are on your own to handle your stress so that you can help others around you. Some of these tips can surely help:

  • Eat right in proper quantities, organic and right time for your body requirements.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Dont hold onto negative emotions use the moment to let go and breathe.
  • Keep you expectations from self and others just right.
  • Dont get anxious no matter the influence of external factors , have patience and work towards change .
  • Never let others opinions bias or doubt your decisions or thinking. Do what is best for yourself and family .
  • Speak to yourself and practice self control for anger , it wont be easy in a day but its worth keeping it under control.
  • Take a break , slowdown this helps to make best use of resources and plan .The more we are into too many things and a very speedy rate we tend to make mistake or face losses
  • Shift focus – watch a movie, read , follow hobby, Family time, games.
  • Always make a list and free the burden from remembering.
  • Practice Yoga and breathing
  • Arts in any form help a lot express ourselves and relive stress .
  • Take time out for self care and pampering to rejuvenate.
  • Choose organic and take up gardening.

For kids we can practice some tips and daily routine to keep them stress free. Make it a point to take out time for these to keep them stress free.

  • Let kids watch their favorite movie with family
  • Play their favorite game together.
  • Do their favorite activity color, paint , draw, model, sing , dance.
  • Yoga and breathing exercises regularly together with simple mantras if possible.
  • Physical exercise .
  • Talk to them or just listen to them without being judgmental.
  • Using softer and calm tones around home because an aggressive behavior or having temper is going to get out one time or the other.
  • Remind yourself to be easy on them even they are going through much . Try to be flexible on schedules as current times have added pressure on their well being.
  • Do check their current mindset or interest to get to studies or activities rather than pushing them , may be you can get back later or ask them when they would like to do their work. Just because you have time don’t get them going.
  • Most of all make sure to comfort them , talk positive , re assure regularly and a close hug to make them feel cared and loved.
  • Sometimes let them just be , leave them to do nothing , get lost in space, dream , relax or swing . Just be themselves, some time alone.
  • Never rush to develop them more than their age or capacity this can be stressful both for the kid and the parent .

There are many resources available , feel free to take professional help or access these resources online. Sometimes its just about practicing it every moment to keep yourself and other around you stress free.

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