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Dear readers , blogger friends , parents I am thankful and greatful to you to have reached 200 followers in WP and 200 followers in other social platform , but most of all accepting me and helping me grow as part of this community.

I have been writing about education , parenting , life, family, poetry. To know more check out About page, has brief into categories.

The inspiration to write and continue to do so comes from you and my readers and all the blogs I follow. I hope to cover more ideas and creative ways to education and parenting.

Its said numbers dont matter but i write to reach and it feels good to have you all with my blog.
I wouldn’t lie i felt like quitting many a times and every comment , follower and like kept me going.

I love writing but when deciding about blog I wanted it to be creative yet focus on a practical topic and I chose this as I relate to it with scenarios in my real life.

Parenting Is a great responsibility though it should be stress free and take it easy. The more you enjoy it and make it easy going it becomes more effective. Teaching is a customized process for every child and every step we take closer to reach their mind.

This is for you lovely people the reason I am still here and continue. You all are very special for me as start of anything is the most difficult part and I am happy you have been with me at the toughest time. Mostly when i write i have many versions and edit a lot , this one is uncut version.


Gayatri Bagayatkar

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