Moments of Holding on and Leting go

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The moment of holding on,

And the moment of letting go.

The moment one feels weak , helpless and in pain for another’s plan for gains,

And the moment one decides not to sink in and take control for your loss is their gain.

The moment one feels nothing left cos all is lost,

And the moment one decides to keep going with all that left no matter what’s lost.

The moment one reaches for sympathy when broken,
And the moment one stands up to fix another who is broken.

The moment one feels bad being used and unfair it seems,
And the moment one decides to carry the lesson and keep moving.

The moment one thinks they deserve a revenge for the scars they carry,
And the moment one thinks to fight for every other being ,so no one is scarred in the coming.

The moment you feel everyone else is to blame,
And the moment you take it on yourself to drive the change.

The moment you hold on to your past , pain and suffering,

And the moment you make space for future and peaceful living.

This very little moment decide you hold on or let go.
Cos once you drown deciding to hold on.
it is another fight back to the shore.
Letting go opens up a new realm for you to explore and win.

Copyright © 2020 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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