Pandemic A major shift in paradigm

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Yesterday i stepped out for some emergency shopping leaving others at home , for me it felt a bit weird after a long time everything around seemed to have undergone a major change. I live more in a town side than actual city. Here are my experiences and observations of this shift. Do share your experiences in and around you. Though i stepped out with a mask i found 90 % of people either not wearing one or hanging on their chin. Sometimes you are even laughed or joked at to be part of a belief that is extinct. Social distancing is like never a need.

Starting with there seems to be sudden shift in business venture most of them who were working before , some into regular works like driving or other works at schools or offices have found venturing into business most of which is vegetable or raw food selling. There is a sudden boom in vegetable or fruit or raw food selling. Rest other business are still struggling to survive with fall in customers or demand, some business are even reviving and some are going a major breakdown. Food shops like sweets or street food which have not much demand now are replaced and renovated with medicals. The number of carts on road have drastically increased selling vegetables. The effect on consumers buying power , restrictions and changing requirements have been showing effects.

Next is this groups of youth especially boys of higher school age in much larger groups than witnessed before. They are sticking around in common areas or some places in public areas obviously they are immune so no social distancing and masks. Either parents are tired of them at home or they are bored being at home. Most of them have no schools or colleges or deadlines to meet , to keep them engaged or busy. Otherwise may be they are discussing about politics , economy or how they are going to add to the countries progress, just kidding all you see is gossiping or sharing screens or making remarks. Don’t know who is going to guide them or get their time to better use , hope this doesn’t get out of hand.

Next the famous work from home, there is no limit to this . They are working all time, kids and partners dont see more of them as they are working still being home. Overflowing work or the need of hour , trying to prove ones capability, whichever the reason be the kids have their parents missing in their own home. Work from home is almost like quarantine minus illness you have everything served the only thing you get up for is to relax your legs . Women who are doing work from home need a salute the added burden of work responsibilities and keeping the family together in such times and meeting their needs.

Next the talk of the town online education .Thats what’s giving student a virtual feeling their school is still on keeping them engaged , but that doesn’t give them excuse to skip those exams and projects. Yes they are much effected by the ongoing scenario but their grievances are last to be heard because everybody is focused on development and growth what about living their childhood , co curricular activities , peer time and fun time, physical movement and exercise. I don’t know how many are making efforts for the kids, hope this doesn’t shift the face of childhood with pandemic.

And the last the much ignored the super woman of the house who is handling dual , triple , i don’t know how many roles. She has taken up learning, research , development , management , home science , upgradation , relationship management all in a crash course in these months. She is one stop to those food cravings from the hotel menu, most of them are going to land MasterChef when all this comes to an end. She is an educator now which was otherwise outsourced to tuitions or classes, a routine religiously followed though i don’t know whether it was a need or did it actually make a difference to the child. Something good if she is teaching she will know her kid well and work with a more dedicated effort to bring in the best than anyone else. But that’s no easy job the research , patience , planning are main virtues to actually make it work. Understanding the childs level and finding ways to reach the child needs a lot of preparation.

On the negative side have heard of increase in crimes and violence at home. A major part of industry out of work or fear of loosing. Some businesses and their related goods or services are at halt or working minimal .

There is a major shift in and around us , There is uncertainty how long these times are going to last . There have been big changes in every age and roles played .Goods have found new values some have lost their value. All call it the new normal but have we actually started working on it, is still to think about. Some topics still requiring major focus environment saving , collective efforts, screen time, changing economy , younger generation , mental health, saving animals and maintaining the equilibrium , saving trees , controlling crime rates are yet to be worked on.

Do share your experiences of this shift from places around you .

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16 thoughts on “Pandemic A major shift in paradigm

  1. Most of them have no schools or colleges or deadlines to meet , to keep them engaged or busy. Otherwise may be they are discussing about politics , economy or how they are going to add to the countries progress,
    Haha, thanks for sharing your experience. A bit different from mine, but definitely some shared experiences there, for instance, masks hanging by the chin rather than the designated area it is supposed to cover.

  2. I find lots of people in my country (UK) don’t bother with social distancing, they stand around in large groups and not wear masks! 😠

  3. This new normal thing irks me seriously. But that aside, this prolongs lockdown is driving people, hence, criminality rise, suicide higher because mental stability is at risk. Everything is a mess.

    1. Yes I forgot about that part have seen a lot in news the mental stress its adding to ,with jobs at risk. But getting over with all this needs everybody to take it seriously and help follow a new sustainable situation for all.
      Thanks Jessica for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Ever since the election, more Norfolk Nebraskans are wearing masks. I saw a young skateboarder wearing one even though nobody else was nearby.

    1. Oh , is there a reason they are being more careful what about other crowd.Here almost no one is wearing and who ever wears is laughed or discouraged .Yes one who wants to make it a point to protect self and others is using it everywhere without any complaint.

      1. I’m not sure of a reason. It’s probably coincidental. Then again, nearly all of the Trump yard signs and the MAGA caps seem to have vanished in this small city. It seems odd.

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