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Develop Maths operations along with ELA , language skills.

My daughter had flu last week , she has recovered still on leave from school to feel perfectly fine before she attends school online. For her it feels as if months have passed since she connected to studies and books and teachers are going to be asking about her. I have assured her everybody is informed and we will work on all studies she left behind these weeks . I didn’t want to push her to books and the stress of covering up so soon. So i decided to help her reassure she is doing good and her studies are right inside her head .

Due to covid situation we never went out unless a doctor visit and 2 visits to countryside a very near drive from our place where there are no people just trees , grass and hills. This has left us with plenty of coins / change in our piggy and boxes which we otherwise used for basic item shopping or travelling .We so much forgot about it started overflowing where i had add more boxes to keep more coins.

We got into this activity of counting these coins .We began with sorting the different coins like the 1rs , 2 rs, 5rs , 10rs coins. Though 5 rs and 10 rs coin were easily sorted due to visible difference in color and make. No-one was much interested in sorting the 2rs and 1 rs which was hectic and time consuming . Ok i had to finish the task at hand , i came up with this sliding technique and told them to turn all the coins with number side up and kept sliding them to different groups.

My daughter has learnt about money problems , addition and multiplication functions till now in her academic classes so it was right now to introduce these operations together. Next thing we sat down with sets of same coin. We started with 2rs i told her to make stack of 2rs coins so that it sums to 10rs, though we had long discussion and actually came up with different ways to finally arrive that 5 coins of 2rs will make 10rs. Then i told her and left her to make similar such stacks till entire coins of 2rs are over. After that i explained why did we make these stacks as they sum to 10rs , how it will be easy to calculate value total sum of 2rs coins by counting the stacks and adding by 10s. Also if this stacks were arranged in a row of 10 stacks per row they amount to 100.

I explained how she used counting of coins to stack . But for adding up the amount we used value of the coins per stack not the number of coins. Next how she used repeated addition to find value of 5 coins of 2rs which is same as multiplication – 5 times 2rs. All this was not easy as she had to use right words in right place , when the number represented a count of coins and when it represented value of money of coins. That was mathematical functions and how it could be used. I also helped her verbalize the entire process how did we begin with. sorting , then making stacks of coins so that it valued to 10rs, then using these stacks as 10 stacks per row to represent a 100rs , to using 10s addition and multiplication to arrive at total.

It wouldn’t have been possible if all this wasn’t done with the actual coins and process involved and practically working with it. I don’t know how much of it she got , but she felt assured she knew a lot , how she was part of the process , managed to calculate and connect her knowledge and of last speak about the entire task. When we do an activity don’t just focus one subject like math’s or science , use these activities to build those language , critical and analytical skills. Those academic skills will always happen with regular practice and time. Give them boost to work on these skills that help them develop bigger picture like problem and solution , understanding process or perfecting language skills and communication.

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  1. Thanks for giving a great idea. My daughter is just 5 years old and we are in Belgium where formal education of any sort will begin at 6. This might be very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Yes, I am having a tough time with my kids. My son is autistic, so searching some help to make him sit and start concentrating on studies. The toughest part is to make him sit. I teach my daughter at home but since nothing at school so she doesn’t take classes with me seriously😁

      2. I have had tough time with my daughter too she had late language development, sensitive and late speaker she started only after 3 .I cant explain the ways I used to work out on every of these issues.

      3. I know no one can feel what you are going through and how much you are trying , we just shouldn’t give up.Belive me he will make progress only the pace is different.

      4. Dear if you need more help with education do contact me on my mail I would be happy to help, though I am not proffesinal with right knowledge about autism but I can help u ways with education

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