Shadows of Art

tender female in violet illumination

Anger , jealousy , revenge , resentment
Shadows your true self.

When you are engrossed in these thoughts
your art reflects them
More than your soul.

These are shadows that blind your thoughts
So much filled with anothers
your work and life reflects the other.

Once shadowed you are no more yourself
All your energy depeleted criticising the other self.

Its going to get you no gain
After a while it will drown you in pain

Try to focus on self
thats where true fight and light lies.

You have a place to fill
dont waste speaking of others ill.

When these shadows will hide your soul
your art and life will never be the same ever.

Art is beauty , imagination and creation that comes from within
Once shadowed does not reflect what you believe in.

Let Art be free to flow
Dont shadow with works of your Ego.

Copyright © 2020 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

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