A heart to connect to

multicolored socks drying on rope with clothespins in garden

Rushing through chores
The same routine everyday.

The in and out so familiar
Works like a background score.

Though at times its different

Someimes pushing hard
Sometimes drawing short paths
Sometimes late than the fixed slot
Sometimes learning to keep up with the lot

Then to find time
for others to attend to.

When all go to rest in the nest
She lays back to think
The day ended
but never began for her
For every moment she lived for others

Fulfilling herself in their lives
She is so precious to all
Not to be lost at any cost

Yet not a single heart to connect to

She needs no admiration , recognition or appreciation.
She fulfils her obligation.

All she wants a heart to connect to
For all her day has tired her mind and body
The heart still seeks a heart to connect to.