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With changes in education system policy there is a more shift to MCQ pattern from primary education. Many schools have even started with the implementation and shift in current scenario to prepare children for this new pattern. Are objectives a better idea at younger stages will it effect development or bias it on focusing on measurable knowledge why subjective is needed to build up opinions, freedom to be creative , work on detailing that’s a different topic will deal in a different post.

There are some points you need to consider to prepare young kids for MCQ pattern so that all your effort dont go waste. The approach and preparation for this pattern is a bit different than we used to in our subjective assessment.

  1. Before answering this pattern make sure the child has worked well on language skills of his age , the semantics , grammar , vocabulary and making meaningful connection of the sentence or question asked. The reason being MCQ patterns very much need the child to read , understand and evaluate what is required of the question to be very specific.
  2. Teach children not to be overconfident or draw early conclusions and work out answers or problems till end even if detailing is not going to be assessed. Because to confuse the options can have those answers that are half way result tempting kids to have found the answer to their solution.
  3. MCQ patterns need you to make right decision when choosing your functions based on wording of the questions this requires you to have good database of vocabulary or synonyms or similar meaning words or phrases that actually mean the same for a topic. Some times question wants you to select whats excluded or what not correct .This needs careful reading of question.
  4. Make it a habit to read all options given as answers as sometimes more than one answer could be right.
  5. While preparation focus more on concepts in maths and science, focusing on details than just outline of the story, in grammar rather just understanding semantics how its put into implementation or grammar in use.
  6. For MCQ always have notes or points of critical / distinctive areas from a topic that are to be starred or noted .Its actually these points that MCQ makes use of to check whether you have understood the critical difference or point that was to be noted eg: some facts , to check points , features or properties specific to semantics or functions.
  7. Questions and answers can be tricky a word in question changes the meaning or requirement .Sometimes two answers look very similar though only one is right apt to question.
  8. MCQ preparation requires maximum coverage of topics from subject as they very less repetitive and diverse from a subject.
  9. Solve various types or angles to a question with actual practice to check if you have actually understood the what is required or to performed of the question. MCQ pattern can check the knowledge in a more indirect way than actually directing asking for what is what.
  10. Many questions in MCQ carry same weightage or marks and reading through many questions may require proper management of time and speed . Because in MCQ there could be chances of getting confused and going wrong and its either 1 or 0 so the focus should be to attempt all questions and not get stuck if not able to figure out understand the difficult ones. they can be skipped or come back later.

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