Creative use of boards

white and brown floral board

Black boards , writng and doodling boards, easel boards, magnetic boards , diy boards, tracing boards, concept boards , sensory boards etc.. There are lot number of boards and their creative uses than we can think .

Easel painting can provide idea how a child is developing emotionally, physically and cognitively. Most of all it is fun, joyful, creative, and exciting .Give them a scenario or idea or let it be freewill or a recent event or family time or thought about a day . See them bring their imagination to life. You can provide some additional tools like different brushes or stamps or stick on items(wool, sparkles, decorations ) to use to create their piece .

White boards and black boards are excellent for doodling and use at play. You can make use of them to enhance skills to solve pictorial puzzles or riddles. Sorting or making groups or following a simple instruction with set drawn. They can be used as score boards in a friendly game or making lists about items like in a role play helps them working on their math’s and language spelling skills. It builds a lot of confidence and interest to check even if it goes wrong. Give them a question or problem with a scenarios like shopping bag items , toys , daily activities help them prepare chart , build information as tables or lists , draw comparisons and inferences and conclusions.

You can search for busy boards / DIY boards how some creative parents come up with ideas to prepare this board which has set of actions from things around us like hinges , bolts , latches , switch, lace, buttons to help with basic motor and fine skills . These can be also developed specially for sensory skills – sounds , touch, mathematical skills or concept skills. These can be made as a maze or puzzle or have a sequence to be followed with numbering of activities. The best part is these are interactive keeps child engaged and helps them to discovers by doing it themselves.

Magnetic or stick up boards can be used for working or practicing on skills like spellings or math’s fuctions. There are also alphabet tracing boards and number related activity or concept boards. Specific activity boards for sorting items related to topic or matching items .A board that help connect with the day select date , adjust time , show weather , food for day, events on the day . You can also make customized boards for specific topics to help kids understand better by doing and seeing .

These are some ways to use those boards creatively and enhance creativity.

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