Reverse Theory

Many a times we profess or have been advised , you feel good n good things will happen to you, you stay positive n you will attract positivity, you believe in something n that gives power to manifest. It looks like a reverse theory which actually works.

Actually there is also reversal theory in psychology , i don’t have much knowledge in it but while researching on this term i came across it which is somewhat based on the idea: Reversal Theory links the motivational states above to emotion by proposing that if one is in a state and things are going well, positive emotions result; if the needs of the state are not fulfilled, negative emotions result. Reversal Theory is a theory of motivation and emotion that argues that we have four pairs of opposite states or ways of seeing the world and we reverse between these states depending on the situation at hand. The states are serious vs. playful, conforming vs. challenging, mastery vs. sympathy, and self-oriented vs. other-oriented. When in the mastery state, for example, we are motivated by power and control, whereas in the sympathy state we are more focused on kindness and compassion. [source: ]

Sometimes with children doing the reverse believing , motivating, giving responsibility , compassion and love becomes the reason of positive behavior and actions .Its like a reverse thing before the action there is reason to drive those actions in a positive way.

Some ways we can help children do so:

  • Believe in them and give them right guidance and support to the work or chase their dreams.
  • Talk to them to them to be strong and never give up with nothing is impossible attitude and help them achieve.
  • Set examples and let them see rather than follow what is being said.
  • Let them know how success is accepting our mistakes and working on them a continuous process.
  • Their attitude and response has the ability to get similar response from another.
  • How Living a safe , contended , happy life comes from following rules .
  • Morals , ethics , manners are not optional but only way to living a honest , peaceful and successful life.
  • Struggles in life requires some reflection , organizing and structuring of our approach to deal them better that they are no more a challenge.
  • Rebelling or stubborn comes from incomplete knowledge and experience help them understand the consequences and reason behind disapproval.
  • Know yourself best because thats only where you can actually work or change or make choices.
  • Most important a healthy mind , body and nutrition is the actual backbone behind making correct decisions and reaction or action in any situation. Self care is most important.

Many a times when things don’t go our way we can start from believing and accepting it can be achieved and find ways to get there .Because disappointed or negative attitude can only get the worst out of us.

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