Facing Negative emotions

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As mindful parents we will have to be conscious about our actions , how we react , speak to our kids,check on our selves and our emotions and make sure our actions dont pust them to wrong side of thinking.

Helping kids face and deal negative emotions from young age rather than ignoring negative side or succumbing to demands. Yes the level and approach to deal these emotions can vary in children due to various reasons , but an attempt needs to be made to help them face and deal them in the best way possible. This cant be an easy process not achievable within a day would require continuous effort from the child and lots of patience from the parents side.

Restraint: Help them work on control on those negative emotions like anger that leads to revenge , grudges or stubborn nature which actually disturbs once peace of mind and to loose focus on goal. To not make comparisons that fuels jealousy as everyone has different journey, set of resources, strength. Controlling the want for more and being greedy , that leads to being overly demanding , sometimes worse stealing when demands not met. Help them learning to be contended what one has and thankful for ones resources as there are many who are struggling the face of adversities.

Rejections: No matter how great their thoughts or ideas or beliefs are , it will not necessarily be accepted by all nor can it be forced . The key lies in accepting differences but not letting other opinions form the base about oneself and actions.

Mistakes : To err is human , but one who does not learn and repeats the same mistake again has made no effort towards success. Working on the drawbacks and making a deliberate effort to change those attitude or actions or thoughts is a strength in itself.

Disapproval: In the most mindful and well thought continuous effort remind them of working on those behaviour , actions or attitude. Clearly take a stand and show your disapprovals when they make an argument . Just keep it right don’t take the rebel nature personally or you may react in anger. The key lies in disapproving but also giving them time, reasons and ways to work on the emotion .

Anti – social and consequences: At times we come to terms with other side of human facets too . Its important to clearly define and speak on the anti social activities and responsible behavior at the right time with our children. Tell them how these activities are not acceptable at any cost and shouldn’t be tolerated or be part of it in any way. Build them strong to stand up against such elements and set examples for everyone around.

Yet being all positive as possible its very much necessary and human to help them face negative emotions ,learn to handle them in a proper way for their own well being. Help them deal , correct , face , react to these negative emotions in the most constructive way possible. After all this is the toughest part of being human dealing with our negative emotions.

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