Ideals perfect or imperfect?

I decided to write this seeing the current series of events in our media , and some in past decade that have come to light through media about the role models, their picture perfect and reality.

When i was young and naïve i used to think highly of people with great intellects, talents ,fame, skills or preaching easily follow them and dutifully and conscientiously practice their discourses, speeches , styles, mannerism or thinking. I even went to extent of worshipping them as ideals and trying to achieve the mark .Sometimes when i felt down or at the end of my capacity i would think of them as what would they do or say i would find strength to fight again. Even when i was on my own i would be very cautions about my thoughts and actions as to what my ideals would think about me doing the wrong.

As I grew got exposed and experienced every facets of human nature i realized after all they were humans too . It was my fault to look upon them to level of being idealise and followed .There were some eye openers too almost to shock to see the side which i never could imagine even existed in the picture perfect frame of these role models. When this picture breaks it breaks you more than hurt you .Your life , values , thoughts all come to a question are they your own or of the picture you looked up to.

But then i thank those experiences of mine that taught me to not blindly follow them just based on their actions , words , preaching , skills or talents . They too are just like every other person on the planet they too can have a side and show another . They too can easily portray their goodness shadow their other self. They are best at what they do and not perfect beings.

Now i have learnt to accept people for what they are and not their face value. That doesn’t mean i doubt and find fault in everyone, its just i don’t think very highly of people anymore. I just respect them for their thoughts , talents or contribution but i don’t idealise them anymore. I appreciate their plus points would want to learn or incorporate them in my life but never look up to them as the perfect epitome or example of life.

This has even given me a sense of freedom to make my decisions to what i think right or believe because i am not attached to what the other might think about my actions , its purely based on my conscience .This has helped me to see life in a real frame not a picture perfect. This has kept me going keeping my expectations real with people so nobody breaks it. I wish to pass this same to my kids , I don’t want to raise them to follow at the face of ideal role models as there is more to it than we see as perfect because no such picture exists .We all are at same point trying hard making best of what we are good at and working on what we are not. We don’t have to idealise real people. Do share your thoughts on this….

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