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With children around its always going to be messy

In current scenario with growing burden of chores and no help, as well as all round the clock catering to children – studies , activities , play , bonding as much as i can do to keep them away from screen time. And never ending kitchen routine which feels like i am living there my whole day. All this creates lot of exertion and exhaustion but you can never give up that’s what I have learnt from more mothers around the world in such times. I even rarely find the time to write my blog although i scribble many idea in my notes , my whole day is packed. Most of my posts are written at night when my family goes to sleep and I don’t have to attend to anyone or sort out those fights that my kids have a lot nowadays.

One thing I have realized and kept calm about is not let my exhaustion or tiredness find an outlet in them. Its difficult to implement than said. I keep reminding myself they are kids and it will always be messy around with them.

I don’t force them to keep organizing or follow strict behavior all the time .Nor do i believe keep controlling their actions and play to avoid making the house a mess or an extra burden for me to keep tidying up. I know its not easy to live with clutter especially if you are an organized person and very particular about keeping your house in place.

It is always going to be messy with children around they may clutter, spill , break ( though this one is best avoided), fickle its a toy now and another a mintute after, overflowing creativity things are never used what they are meant for or never placed where they have to be it always innovation.Fine its ok to have that messy house just take care nobody trips on .

Don’t discipline them , to organize and tidy up every now and then, overcontrolling spoils the fun of play. Some are so obsessed with keeping the house well in place they forget, if they are never going to be used it will never be a mess.

Just take care you about the choking hazard toys, attend to them if they are young. Keep fragile and expensive items away from their play area or rooms like crockery, tv screens , laptops, paintings , hangings, decorations which may get broken accidently at play.

In case they are in no mood to organize or tidy up , make a temporary arrangement for shifting toys and parts to a box or corner or bags which can later be sorted out and packed properly. When you leave them with colors be prepared for everything ,they rarely use them on objects or paper given . It will be all over the place from walls to floors to their dress to fingers, especially when creativity overflows. Just keep a check they don’t ingest it or gets near to their eyes.

Unless they are left alone to explore there is no fun in playing . Do talk to them of being careful and not messing places that cant be cleaned , how they will have to tidy it up and keep them properly packed to be able to use again for play. In current scenario even kids are having a tough time spending a lot of time around home .Don’t over discipline them as they are already in restricted environments and conditions. Next time you find things messy just remind yourself and take a breathe that’s how its going to be with kids around .

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12 thoughts on “Pages from My Life Parenting -9

  1. I always try to like this…taking deep breath over mess…however, at times explode..๐Ÿ˜‚
    Youโ€™re really kind..I can see that youโ€™re enjoying motherhood..good remainder..๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

      1. I like how you are straight forward with your words most would have accepted being the best version of themselves.But kids need to be given their space and play with current situations , we cant always have them at our receiving end.

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