Child Centered Pedagogy

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This is the term which clearly explains the meaning of How teaching is a customized process for every child. How inclusive education is still a distant goal. How training and resources form the heart of equal education for all. How teaching takes the responsibility irrespective of the different needs of the child. How equal opportunity can be presented with right guidance and insights. How to make integrated environment where all peers are equally valued for their unique talents and not categorized into different berths/ labelling/ segregating.

It is more focused on giving education keeping the needs and interests of the child. Understanding and changing procedures depending how child responds to structure of teaching. Or use multiple pathways to teaching, through play or other mediums. Using the power of classrooms collaboration, communication and exchange to achieve learning .

This forms main part in inclusive education which very much requires training teachers to handle children with different needs or pathways to education. Giving them the right resources to able to make this part of integrated education and curriculum’s where all children are taught together in a integrated manner yet catering to the needs of the student who need special guidance . Remedial approach rather just evaluation based grading. Mentoring them and giving them equal opportunities to participate with their peers. Thus helping them get recognized and appreciated among their peers . Creating an environment where kids respect differences and show sensitivity rather than intensive competitiveness.

Using formative assessment techniques .Formative assessment involves a continuous way of checks and balances in the teaching learning processes. The method allows teachers to frequently check their learners’ progress and the effectiveness of their own practice, thus allowing for self assessment of the student.

This term tries to explain. There is need to provide knowledge in a more assimilable form, connecting those dots , filling those gaps with respect to individual child irrespective of the reason of his learning difficulty. Its just not always about the child lacking attention, not trying hard enough or efforts not put. But a guidance what to work on , how to make an organized effort, an eyes to identify the problem and form a solution or procedure to remedy those areas. All this requires a right training , exposure, experience and mindset along with knowledge. There are counselling to help parents and children to help relieve stress and work on weak areas but even curricula needs to be worked on. A dedicated well designed and thoughtful effort to alleviate the difficulty in learning in a integrated manner is what is needed .

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    1. Yes and becomes the responsibility of teacher to understand this unique learning abilities and. Yet involve it as a part of classroom as a whole.Thanks for reading and your thoughts on this.

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