Reflection 9. – Future Focused

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As parents we are always future focused about children their career , life, competition , challenges, milestones, goals. Most of the problems arise trying to be future focused while the actual need is to live in the current moment. There is always a fear and uncertainty with the future and a trying to be prepared for that , Actually the key lies in living the present to the fullest so that it will never be a concern in the future. The success is not in just preparing but actually living the journey too because only knowledge without the experience of life lived makes no sense.

Life is designed in such a manner the natural flow of itself prepares for all the challenges getting the better of yourself every time. Its a process to live not a milestone to achieve.

Now with pandemic and change in economics a fear that has gripped parents more than ever is being future ready for their kids. A common trend that triggered this is trying to make young kids code ready and skills for getting placed in MNC and staying ahead of time and competition. But that leads to basic questions when are they going to live their childhood, are we going to push them towards earning and forget to teach them what really matters in life, a basic logic if the whole world will be coding we will have shortage in other sectors, if only these skills are focused to develop we will have generations that will lack basic human qualities that will be extinct. Knowledge from particular field is never complete to provide or measure the developments in an child every child is different and will choose his field he can do best at. If we really want to keep with current times why not include something practical like environmental saving , life skills, recycling, saving endangered species , climatic changes, need to inclusive education , foster ideas and creativity that that works for the society as a whole, humanity.

Its time we understand how fortunate we were to live our free childhood and how these children are going swim through tough times yet live their childhood which is already under restricted environment.

Sometimes as the child develops his interest and choices may change , and may vary from that of the field chosen by parents its important to value their choices and give them freedom to work on and develop their skills. Because if they learn and master where their heart is , they will be more successful in it than pushing them to choose a field or domain because its in demand and has better financial prospects.

Sometimes parents find their unfilled dream through their kids , train them to achieve those goals .They also fill them with goals like position , status , money , fame . I am not saying there shouldn’t be motivation or goal driven but we need to define goals that give more happiness and contentment .Otherwise even the achievement or success will feel empty or incomplete. Rather than fill their minds with a race to top and self centeredness help them to understand their role and their skills can do for others as a whole , how they can make a place for themselves and make themselves known and heard for others.

Sometimes there can be a negative impact of being overly future focused . Some spend a major part of their childhood and youth preparing for future with their heads into what is expected in future or what it holds and after all the hardwork they are sure to make it. But if due to reasons unknown or changing scenarios they are not able to reach the position it leads to disappointment as they had their entire life attached to it. They forgot in the journey to live other facets or develop other skills too.

There is no shortage of time or no hurry to develop kids beyond their age . Let time take its course for development and let time make decisions that best suits a child. Let them be part of all facets of development in their childhood as these can not be developed or changed in a day especially when we are grown up and made. To rush or focus in only one areas of Childs development create trenches that later becomes their greatest weakness and drawbacks for failures in all fronts of life personal , family , social , professional, relations.

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4 thoughts on “Reflection 9. – Future Focused

  1. Hi Gayatri beautiful and well portrayed thoughts. You mentioned about coding..and here in India many startups have started advertising coding as the only means to better livelihood. And another trend I see in these advertisement that their prime focus is only the male child. I haven’t seen a single advertisement where they have shown girls can learn coding too from a young age. What are your thoughts upon such excessive advertisement that literally forces parents to think coding as the only means for the betterment of their children?

    1. I have seen even gal child on the advertisement. Since I am from IT i know coding enhances skills but forcing it as a part of curriculum is totally wrong , especially for getting ready for future earning,.Also there are more ways to enhance skills and creativity and not everybody is going to choose coding as their future career.