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Fruitful use of vacation time

Here I wont be sharing how you can engage your child in different activities or co curricular activities to take up, going for trips , taking up hobbies, exploring interests . That is a integral part of vacation that’s what vacations are for.

I will here share how i have managed to use this vacation time with proper plan and schedules to cover those gaps in my Childs education, release stress during academic year, prepare for that extra boost and outperform, plan and be ready with resources or content. An academic year we don’t have much time or flexibility when regular schools are on to make special efforts or actually sort out those weak areas. Lets see what all can be done during vacation that can help you achieve extra edge for young ones during an academic year:

1.let them work and devlop more on their reading , listening and answering skills with stories from varied languages and topics.Either let them read them from books , kids magazines or watch them .Then ask them basic questions also helps them with new words.

2.Building techniques : Many problems especially in math’s that were dealt at basic level , help them understand the entire process or techniques to approach when presented a problem. They can develop their own techniques too as they practice a set of questions.

3.Daily Life :Help them connect at their level to read time using clock explaining the process of day and night. Calendar locating dates , counting or tracking age or time period- parts in a date , month ,year, week and days. Understanding seasons and festivals, events with respects to calendar. Money transactions and buying items and keeping track of amount spent and returned .

4.Mother Nature: Show them and help them connect with questions around about living organisms , different landforms and waterforms, habitats , geography and features.

5.Cultural connect:Help them learn something about your culture . Let them learn a ancient language or your own mother tongue.You can help them connect to your beleif or religion introducing them to your scriptures, shlokas , prayers or epics or mythology.

6. Notes: help them make notes of important point, syntax or rules and formulas that will help them memories or connect or regular basis to relieve the stress during the academic year.

7.Help them understand more about the number system if they have reached to tens help them understand further the hundreds, the thousands and its sequence.

8.Help them work on spellings, help them with different languages the first second and how the child can connect to syntax and meaning from both.

9. guide them through worksheets or papers of competitive exams like Olympiad or others as these boost logical and analytical skills to topics already known .

10. This time can be used to prepare for those additional activities that require extra effort like recitation , debate, quiz, speeches etc. Also preparation for competitive exams so that during regular school it does not add to burden with normal studies.

11.Polishing grammar skills and language development.

12. Of all this is the best time to work on insights gained from previous evaluations and work more dedicatedly to fill in those gaps or common mistakes or weak areas of child.

These are some basic ideas you can work on one of them at a time , also children with difficulties need an extra effort from our sidede.These times are best to introduce them and make preparation plan from our side so that execution goes smoothly without stress at both levels. Classroom stress is also relieved to a large extent as they won’t find it difficult to connect since they have been given preemptive help.More of this requires careful planning and insights so that child doesn’t work on it as added burden. But to boost confidence to be part of classrooms and activities later and not trying to figure out what is actually being taught. We can’t expect or rely fully on concepts of inclusive education as that is still a long process to implementation.Till then let’s make an extra effort to make our children an inclusive part of classroom education and remove feelings of lagging or not getting along.Give them enough time for play and explore but plan and schedule these in such a way that vacation time is fruitfully used to make their academic year more comfortable and stress free .

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