Reblogs -Tantrum or Sensory Meltdown? – The Highly Sensitive Child

Check out this post and blog dedicated to highly sensitive children and selective mutism.Ways to deal with them and common misconception about high sensitivity.

Nowadays with many issues related to kids is mixed up with them being not getting along or not following or not being attentive.Its very much needed to be informed about all the possibilities before coming to conclusions and following wrong methods.There are always expert care and counselling available. But as parents we need to identify and spot the difference between a stubborn or bad behaviour or actual underlying problem.

4 thoughts on “Reblogs -Tantrum or Sensory Meltdown? – The Highly Sensitive Child

  1. Yes very true , even I found it very important to actually understand what a child is going through rather than just form perceptions based on his actions, how actually both are different a stubborn reaction and actual sensitivity

  2. I remember when my son had a tantrum. He didn’t want to leave a store.. I had always told myself that my children would never do such a thing! ha ha.. We resolved it, but i learned a lot.. Nice article resource!!