Realities of Motherhood

mother holding her baby

The standards set and expectations are really high from a mother , already being a woman in the family she is trained to be able to bear , learn to put herself behind and look after well being of others first.

Not everybody has an easy motherhood , though called a joyful expereience.Many factors like education , finiancial status, socioeconomic status, family support, culture define the jouney of mothehood.Still she alone bears the responsibilty.

When she becomes a mother everybody else transcends to a role , but all take their time and have their definite roles .But a mother before she even try to live the joy many things put her out of place during the transition her body , hormones , the new and unknown responsibilities, lethargy and fatigue due to physical and emotional stress. Its this time she needs more from her family members to embrace and smoothly transit through this new phase .

Every new responsibility and knowledge especially in the early stages of motherhood is either new , learned from experience or from sources both formal and informal :baby routines, baby milestones and signals , feeding , baby foods , child care , self care, clothing , toys, medical care, child mental and physical developments. …As mother she has much to deal with within herself , her relationship and family, it may at times be more than she can handle and can even have outburst. There is much need to understand the complexity and importance of this phase and give special care , support and emotional strength to make this transition much joyful and not stressful for her.

Many a times culture has a major influence where the mother is fighting it all alone and tends to ignore her body and health. Just as they start to embrace motherhood they are carrying another or already have kids to look after .Sometimes They have to cater to needs of family members as she is supposed to be wife , daughter in-law before being a mother. Primary roles defined of the women in the house outweighs her motherhood. She has not much left in her to check for well being of her child and herself.

A homemaker mother does all chores, caters to all members, handles all the outside work shopping drop, pickup, to taking active part in Childs education and development. Yet there she is questioned for not being the breadwinner. If she is working woman she juggles between work and home , still tries to find enough time for her child development and nutrition . A working mother makes many sacrifices at personal level to keep her financial or career stability as well as home. Yet pointers are raised on her parenting and not living up to standards and not able to much look after her child necessities.

Either way the mother is pushing herself best she can but gets no support or value for having a good motherhood.

The socioeconomic status and financial status also plays a major role in a motherhood to have right resources, facilities, support , care and help. Some mother have children with special or more needs this adds to her responsibilities of helping the child through those phases from early years and sometimes even after.

My point is here its easy to be judgmental about mother and her motherhood and parenting , but there are many factors that go into in making the motherhood a truly enjoyable and successful experience. This again begins from the society where we nurture right values towards woman, woman equality at home , healthcare and child care facilities, culture , family system, education, socioeconomic status.

A Good Motherhood leads to better childhood, a better childhood means a better individual , Stronger individuals makes a better society to live in. Its a cycle lets support motherhood and make a better place to live in.

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