Dealing Negativity

There will always be negativity around , there is no need to try to fit in because there will always be reservations , insecurities or beneficiaries.

Which ever side of the line you are you will always have others on the other side .Never spend an extra effort proving how right you are or expect them to change sides. They have already made their minds, some even know you are on the right side they prefer you drown with them by their side.

If you encounter such elements let them just pass not let them in your heads , that’s when questioning self worth begins. That is what they want you doubt yourself and give up your endeavor’s. They may twist and turn , put words you never meant. Do yourself a great help dont waste time explaining them. your explanations will never satisfy them nor are they looking for any justification , don’t make a debate .They have already chosen their side its all that you don’t abide.

Dont let their judgment define you, just leave them with their thoughts on you. Unless you are looking for an approval or compliment you are again bound to them. This way the negativity will have no effect on you.

When you deal with negativity deal from your side , inside. Keep them away maintaining a right attitude and mindset from your side. Because you cant change what’s outside but don’t let them effect you inside.

This is a quote from my daughters favourite barbie movie

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

Be positive..

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