Listen to your kids

mother and children on a sofa

We are always in a mood to teach , train or pass instructions or judgments. It is very necessary to take out time just to listen to them. No doubt all we do is out of care and concern but its also a relation like any other relation and we need to build it giving them chance to speak their mind .

It can be anything from any corner of earth, or some imagination they have , a fiction about a character , about their day , memorable moments, events or visits, about their liking and dislikes , person or situation from their lives they want to say about.

This need to be felt heard is human and to have someone to hear you with all their mind, attention and heart feels amazing especially to kids when they have so many stories to tell .Some may be shy or not very spoken help them start the conversation , begin with what connects most to them help them to speak their mind out. They will always come back , rely on you and most trust you , if they know you are always ears to what they say without being judgmental.

The happiness, contentment, confidence , bonding , mental peace that comes from just speaking out and being heard gives them much needed emotional stability and support they are looking out for.

With children more indoors now and less socializing help them reconnect with family trips or vacations , have them talk about it listen to their emotions and experiences . Also help them through virtual tour of places you would want them to know about .With all these give them the freedom to take away your mobiles when you are not working so that they can have you listen with all your attention.

This is a link for resources on virtual tour with family:

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