Freedom to fly

anonymous person pointing finger at bird

A bird trains its chick to fly ,
But never asks it to return
As it has a journey to strive.

Why do we bind them,
and have them burden expectations.
Why do we tell them they are free,
yet they have a limited sky.

Its in our duty to care to teach them to fly.
Its our reason to live not our dreams unfulfilled.

Take a step,
For their happiness.
See them achieve flight,
no one has ever before sight.
see them live with heart,
see them make their own path.

They are yours forever,
cherish the bond like the,
pearl that finds a place worthwhile.

Let them make a new start,
for the stage we have set.
Let them act with feelings,
Not puppet with strings.

Freedom is greatest gift of mankind,
Yet is always a fight to deny on freedom that is a right.


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