Double Standard

portrait of a woman with double exposure

Its very common to have people preach very high morals and practice exactly the opposite without letting it even be doubted. Its in this generation which holds a face and feels or thinks exactly opposite within , without changes in lines of face. This has made it even difficult to judge people just by their actions or words or ideals unless assessed over a period of time over different circumstances.

Sometimes its to camouflage with surroundings, sometimes to seal true self, sometimes to trick, sometimes being diplomatic, sometimes as self defense for being less vulnerable there are always double standards. There is nothing wrong in being so if it not used to trick or take advantage of someone. Sometimes it even becomes necessary to hold two faces because the kind of people one faces will display these traits too.

You don’t have to be an open book to everyone around you because not everybody is going to read it know you better , some may read to use you for their benefit. Its a necessity to identify these traits among people but at same time not get carried away by their praises , great talks or lure based on their current actions , talks or behavior which may be just one of those facet.

Some of these double standards are so skilled they can behave and act to be almost on your side and share thoughts similar to you , just to win your trust and know more about you. When time is right they use this against you or share it with people who plot against you. Never lose your guard even if someone pretends to give a shoulder at times of distress because not all are actually genuinely there to help you.

That doesn’t mean we live in a closed box , there will always be near ones and friends that survive the test of time and stick with you. Negativity is very difficult to locate especially if someone is skilled and has put in great efforts at covering it. But its important not to ignore those little details that skip our eyes and attention as we trust them blindly. Sometimes negativity is judged by gut instinct when you know but then it gets overshadowed by constant pleasant behavior and good gesture.

Every experience and lessons we learn are building blocks for the next generation to share with them , so they don’t have to start form level 0 and have better chances of survival and being protected .

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