Study tips for parents to help young learners

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As parents and tutors there are some basic tips while helping young learners with their studying . These will help to make the study successful in addition to minimizing the stress related to study both at the child and tutor level.

1.With young kids there is always limitation to attention span, control on focus over a stretch of time. Its very much needed to keep them interested and engaged if study is needed to conducted successfully. The study should never be restricted to single topic or subject continuously for longer time as they easily tend to fall out or get bored. That’s the reason activity and play based techniques are used to keep them engaged for long. Using a rotational method for different subjects which can be stopped at a point and got back later or using collaborative teaching where same topic or activity is covered using angles from different subjects or disciplines. Once the kid reaches the point he cant take anymore he is no more listening or you will be putting additional efforts and stress to get to the child, which otherwise would have been easy. Especially new topics don’t have that very good reception so deal with it in parts or continuation and combine topics from different subjects to keep it interesting.

2.Breaks form an important part of study but with younger kids we tend to stretch them as they don’t have a say or we expect them to push themselves. Breaks are integral part of studying that helps to freshen up and approach with a new attitude or mindset especially when it doesn’t seem easy to get to the child even after repeated attempts to teach. As adults we take break from our work or study when we know our body and mind is not ready to take more.

3.Attend to kids regularly and not just give them a task to do and leave them on their own. Young learners tend to easily get bored left alone , day dream or drift. So something that would have taken a little time sometimes takes hours to accomplish. Most of time when left alone kids tend to loose interest and get strayed. Attend to them at regular intervals try to strike a meaningful conversation of how much they have done and help them finish further. Its better as tutors we keep a mind note and attend to them to ask them where have they reached and how to approach or what is more left to cover. This gives them a boost an they feel connected again to their task at hand as they get a direction to finish it.

4.Revisiting that has been done . Many a times young learners don’t get it one go or are still developing the picture to get to the topic or lesson taught . Give them enough time and get back to see them come with more inputs , details and understanding on the same lesson .Sometimes revisiting also gives tutor to come up with better ideas and approach to address the particular issue in getting across the topic. Revisiting and revisions are also necessary when certain topic need repetition to register them in memory which can be achieved only a period of time with continuous revisions . Hand made notes or handouts , charts , maps of these topics make it easy and useful to make this routine process to help with memorizing.

As tutors of young learners its important to see an take steps from their perspective too rather than trying to push their limits as this will only create a stressful learning atmosphere both for the child and the tutor.

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