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We all have a belief system based on culture, religion , values, priorities. Some believe in the existence of supreme power so do I , some believe in the control of their life and power of their action, some believe the power is around us and everywhere . There are innumerable variations and theories and system. Every family has common belief system which may change or adapt individually with time and experience.

This is a brief into my belief system .In addition to I believe in the existence of supreme power God. We all have our roles , responsibility , rules within a society to follow. We have an affect on everything around us and are effected by everything around us both directly and indirectly, there is sense of connection .This universe acts as one , a change in one part directly reflects changes in other realms of universe. There is interconnection between every individual entity.

We are mere instruments so there can be no ego in achievements.But to be capable of being put to use and reach a point , to endure and to have learnt is truly ones own. Anybody can be the instrument but every instrument serves a basic purpose it can fulfil best . (needle to stitch , sword to fight , pen to write).

What we make and what life makes of you is sure in your own hands but does not reach the destination without the strength and guidance of the supreme. Our actions create reactions or are reactions to others, there is a ripple effect of every action .

We are not the source or origin of any knowledge , it was discovered and put to use much before we knew of its existence and every knowledge we access is still incomplete as its tiny part of the entire universe. We tap into this knowledge in the universe to find our answers and to achieve our goals.

Balance is the key , evil is actually the absence of balance and existence of extreme. Anything in extremes is itself evil or leads to being evil. Anything used in right balance is very much needed for survival but in extremes it leads to destruction of self and others.

More than the results of action the intentions matter. Finally we are collection of memories but every moment is a chance to learn something new and let go , to be new me. Its not necessary to follow and respect everybody but one can respect another’s perspective , skill , work or approach and learn best from everybody, because after all humans are not perfect and everybody has their drawbacks and failures to cherish.

Our belief systems change , evolve and adapt with time and experiences. So its still a journey . As far as a persons belief system respects self and others, values freedom and nurtures a responsible behavior its always right in their own place.

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