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Life Cycle in every field

I wasn’t part of any social media platform for really long , its only recently with pandemic and lockdowns i found my way here or never thought of it even as a necessity. Now i realize the benefits it brought into my life the easyflow of information , knowledge and exchange that too of different forms from different sources. But to add to this its the same thing that keeps you wanting to go back to know more and the cycle never ends.

Well talking of cycle, We come across many videos which show how the smallest , delicate or priceless of things are made and the process and detailing that goes into getting the final product. I saw one such video of making a golden diamond ring in a social platform the details and work of the procedure was so interesting I decided to show it to my daughter. She was equally thrilled to see the process ,the materials used ,the various stages , the detailing and the actual final product the instruments used at various stages and more. Best part was she enjoyed that small video which actually helped her think how much goes into making right from point the materials arrive to the final product, the transformation of the raw material to achieve the final product.

I decided to tell her how every thing has a life cycle and what it means from different perspective ,My idea was to get her to think that there is always a process to get to the final product and much details to it.

1.Biological life cycle – this concept explains the sequence of life stages or growth of organisms . the best examples to connect to were that of a frog , butterfly , humans ,plants. All these were already a part of her education just helped her understand how it relates to concept of life cycle.

2.Product life cycle- This concept helped her understand how items are produced from start to finish till it is recycled or thrown away. It was very important to cover the recycling part to understand its impact on environment. Here we took simple examples of how paper , pencils or automobiles have a life cycle- collecting materials, marketing, manufacturing process, transportation , actual use , recycling. I shared some videos and concept map detailing the process in short.

3.Idea Lifecycle- This process is “the transformation of an idea, needs, or wants by consumers or the marketplace at large, into a product that satisfies these needs”. This cycle represents the transformation stages an idea goes through to become a product. I shared some breakthrough ideas of our social network platforms , various life hack gadgets or products that are developed to make work or life at home easy, ideas of generating biodegradable products or environmental friendly products. How these ideas come into existence with necessity from sources at individual , internal or external level or may be from crowd, how these ideas are screened for various possibilities , concept development and a prototype is built and tested.

After giving an outline what actually life cycle may encompass and will be dealt in various ways , The main point to catch up was recycling .I explained how everything that we use ends up in landfill and can harm the environment if not properly segregated and put to reuse. Wastes at the end of product life or wastes generated at various stages of Lifecyle needs to retrieved and put to proper use or disposal.

Well its a vast topic but its necessary to introduce them how everything has a process and how the product achieved too has a life and needs to be recycled once scrapped . As i always say keep in mind their stage of learning and understanding and introduce concepts and depth as a natural process of understanding helps them develop interest and connect better.

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