Reflection 7. – Developing humble , tolerant and empathetic Individuals

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Its important in todays competitive world our children don’t become high headed with their success or fuel their egos with achievement and consider every other person as threat/ competition or failure to look down upon. Not everybody have had an equal opportunity or life isn’t fair in terms of resources , physical / mental challenges , economic strength , family background , culture or chances they get. Its important to tell them Yet if you are an achiever there must have been many things in place more than just yourself and your hard work to make you successful. Its important to value ones achievement and as well as respect that every other person could have made it with all the resources and facilities both direct or indirect you had in place . An easy example is of a child belonging to a educated parents , having well to do conditions , or physically fit , or not having issues with learning or having right amount of support are some of the factors that gives an advantage over others. It is important to be humble and not be arrogant no matter if you had achieved great success or stand among the first , knowing you have all other factors in place to have helped you equally reach the point.

Belonging to diverse cultures lot of variation in dialect ,habits , food , clothing , lifestyle … We need to teach our children to be more tolerant and equally respect others views or differences in culture , race , beliefs or way of life. Tolerance is important to build individuals to live a peaceful life , dealing with different people opinions and perspectives. Tolerance helps one to understand even if one is correct those opinions cant be imposed on another. Being able to accept one another’s differences can have positive effect on one’s well being. It allows one to think more broadly and enjoy greater inner peace. Tolerance leads to less stress and greater happiness in the overall community.

Empathy is another important part of development where they learn to see worlds from another’s perspective or situation . It helps develop individual who are not just judgmental ,but also caring and trying to understand scenarios from another point of view seeing self in that place. It is best described as the capacity to place oneself in another’s position. This help understanding from a broader mindset and emotional connecting to others problems. Also it allows the individual to understand factors that could have influenced another persons decision or thinking . Being empathetic make a person good at building and maintain good relation at home and work, to have a good communication and respond correctly to a persons issues.

With all the challenges and evil society is facing it becomes more of a responsibility to raise socially responsible children which is only possible if they learn humility, tolerance and empathy along with moral values.

Kids at very young age learn to differentiate between peers in terms of physicality or mental capability or difference in their habits or emotional strength. When these kids are taught in the right time to accept and respect their peers differences maintaining healthy relations , avoiding pin pointing or name calling or keeping them out, it helps kids to develop qualities of tolerance and empathy.

Kids many a time learn or imitate their parents opinions or behavior for others. If parents discuss about the weakness of another kid and look down upon him for his learning issues or not getting good scores , the child finds this a boost to his superior feeling but also creates a lack empathetic skills to understand the kids who faced problems due to various reasons .This makes the child to self centered which becomes a issue as he grows up.

Many a times parents preparing kids for the competition unconsciously feed the kids egos with achievements. It is important develop a healthy competition but at the same time equally respect others irrespective of positions scored. The grading system creates a superior feeling and comparison with peers which should not be boosted. Help them to do their best but not a scale to compare with the others but a scale achieve better than self .Its important to explain them how their achievement s are result of many factors and support systems and should be thankful to have them , though his hard work is equally responsible but it takes more than that.

It is also necessary to create awareness among children for the lesser fortunate or kids with special needs or difficulties in learning and the need to accept them as a part of their life at schools and socially. Being more empathetic , tolerant and less critical of others .Its our attitude to the special kids that gets reflected in behaviors of our own kids. Making fun , calling names , looking down or putting them out of because of visible differences should be totally discouraged. Its also important tell them that kids with difficulties or issues in learning are not any less and that with proper guidance and time they have the capability to achieve great even under the influence of their distinct circumstance. Teach children to stand up for such kids and accept them as a part of their life.

Children should be taught to be more empathetic with peers in situations where another child is facing issues at personal or home front or needs support at school , among friends or with studies. This develops individuals who are strong to stand for others at the same time making them emotionally strong feel good to be of service to others.

These are part of life skills when nurtured and developed at right stage helps to build happy , contented and socially responsible individual, which otherwise seems impossible to cultivate in later stages of life.

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  1. Though our society lauds tolerance, we have actually become less tolerant of ideas that differ from our own. While it is important to teach children right from wrong — to give them a moral compass — we must, also, help them see that not all those who may disagree w/ them are necessarily “enemies” or “evil”.

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