Bullying – Being Aware and Being Prepared

message against bullying

Bullying is a silent killer which breaks more than mind , strength and courage of the victim to fight back also it has its effect long after those episodes are over in life. The only way is to tackle them to avoid carrying the burden always.

But its not easy as said there are various kinds of bullies and reasons they do it are also different .The approach to tackle these bullies also needs to be carefully thought of and done . Some of these are just arrogant , some thirsty for power , some weaklings just use it fuel their egos , some just dont have any existence and they find strength in other fears and vulnerability. Some are really intelligent would work out ways to show it never happened or was just by chance (ok something doesn’t happen more than once by chance), they may even go a step ahead involve others of their kind( collective bullying) to make a setup make sure you go through hell. Some bullies target when they find a potential threat or competition in another and fear of loosing their position as they constantly doubt their self worth . In short they are people with twisted minds requiring professional help or correction.

The reason these bullies become powerful is when others submit to their oppressions . They also have a following , “chamchas” , gangs with same interest or intentions. These followers or gangs get favors in return or promise of not being the victim. Well all that is not enough to boost them they have the power or support of external entities like support of authorities ( people or influential groups or people with positions) , bystanders or spectators who just see them bully or ignore voices raised fearing they will fall into trouble. There are people who will even blame it on you shame you are tell you are creating a scene for your advantage for speaking out against the bully .If situation demands stand up for yourself don’t wait for others or their support , approval.

Don’t ignore these bullies or expect them to subside by time , actually they get more aggressive and worse when they know you don’t have the courage to fight back. If possible do seek help , speak out , at the most prepare yourself well to face and tackle bullies.They never stop as they hurt repeatedly and make sure they have hurt the victim in every possible way.

Now there is nothing like harmful or harmless bullying , its just bullying and effects every individual differently. Bullying has no age , size, name or relation or gender or class They can come in all forms in all places be aware and take necessary steps. Because they take silence or sometimes ignoring as sign of their victory over the suppressed.

They have this pattern of attacking targets that are alone , but that’s a personal choice of a person whether you are loner or live in groups . But when you decide to raise your voice or take steps against them you are not lonely as they have had oppressed and harmed many . But if situation demands and everyone corners to see for themselves you take a stand alone.

Bullying effects people by creating troubles and make movement , work and living a challenge with the constant chaos in the back of the mind of going through the same abuse again or the aftereffects of the incident .It very much influences the quality of work and focus and our inner will power strength to tackle things in life.

With increased online use for learning and socialization children are now more in the hazards of facing cyber bullying . Its difficult to get them speak about it as they feel shame or intimidated by the incident .Its said only a victim knows the actual affects of being bullied , we need to learn from them and their experience to avoid or tackle this evil called bullying.just to escape bullying many a times kids fall into bad company and submit to being part of wrong decisions and circumstances or even addictions which they later regret in their life.

The best way is we prepare ourselves and our children to fight this evil which has its existence every where. Though for some it may seem not a big issue to ponder upon just because they have not faced it , but it is no less evil that leaves scars deep we may face any point in our life and anywhere home , school , college , locality, workplace. Its best spread awareness and be prepared.

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