The Silence in Classrooms

man performing on stage

The silence in classrooms mean more than they seem

for some its fear of not knowing
for some fear they will be questioned the unknown
for some its rule to obey to avoid being punished
for some its actually listening while others are pretending

Silence in classrooms should come from listening , looking and learning ,
connecting to something that fixes the attention

Silence increases focus ,self control and attention

Silence give time to reflect , think and comprehension

It can have adverse effect on minds
when practiced for long as they follow the time table in row

effects the confidence to speak
effects the ability to use speech and articulate
effects the power of collaboration ,connections and discussions

This environment and exchange helps them discover
ideas and the indigenous knowledge
under the guidance of an expert
if they chatter aimlessly,
help them drive and give it reasoning.

If silence is needed to get across
make sure they learn equally when they exchange that’s taught

If attention is only focused on
When will they work on competence to get along

“All I ask is for time to be among others
with whom i spend hours listening to a tune you teach us
Give us time to make music using those tunes
With our minds and hearts together into it”

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