Reflection 3. -The Upbringing Factor

We are mainly collection of memories we collect from childhood and that makes what we are or we will strive to be or not be. Many important episodes of our life and milestones define our outlook and rendering of situations. The influence of parents and other important people through out growing years have along lasting impact on the individual and his decisions in later years.

People belonging to a certain cultural background have much impact of the way they have been brought up whether they are conservative , forward , orthodox, open , traditional or modern . Some culture have different upbringings based on the gender so that plays a major role in building future mindset towards the other gender . The norms or rules followed and social behavior also impacts how we connect to people later in life .

Lifestyle or economical background plays a major role in upbringing and choices given to a child or parent. The social life and ability to live with facilities and requirements and resources to meet leisure’s or luxury do have impact on the choices made later in life.

Sometimes children are brought up as extensions of their parents beliefs , ego or their ambitions so they are accordingly brought up or trained to be either moralistic, rational , ambitious ,responsible …

We have a choice to make as parents, how much of what we have been brought up with, needs to be cherished , how much needs to be replaced and what needs to be discarded .So that we can give an upbringing not just influenced by our upbringing but the best of the current and past times. To be able to understand the changing generation and bring in necessary changes or upgrade ourselves becomes equally important.

Generation gap plays a major role in upbringing as we and our children grow and changing times brings in lot of changes in culture , thinking , outlook , society and relationships. This leads to difference in the factors and situations at time we grew up in .Challenges each generation face in terms of environment , health, mind and economy are different.

Doing so we always make an effort to handover a new set of upbringings which will again be reinvented and evolved as with changing times and developments best for the generation to come. An effort to detach ,reinvent , evolve and look into our approach is always needed. In todays global world we need to be able to adapt and accept a way that develops a individual to live globally.

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