Reflections 2. – Take on Responsibility

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A major part of our approach to life that very much influences our parenting style is our readiness to take responsibility , being responsible, delegating responsibilities, sharing responsibilities.

Many have the attitude of saying that’s not my job wether at home or personal life this gets very much reflected in parenting too .The eagerness to own responsibility or begin self motivated and taking initiative makes one able to find multiple ways to get to the solution rather than shrugging the responsibility .

How easily we adjust or prepare oneself or willingly accept responsibilities gives one a mindset to approach life and parenting with a more diverse outlook. Limiting oneself to well defined duties and never move out of comfort zone makes parenting difficult to handle especially if child has special requirements or needs special attention to grow and bridge the gap in early years.

A responsible behavior in and around home develops the same with the children as they learn from what they see rather than hear .Responsible behavior towards others , their feelings, our environment , social responsibilities, responsible for our own actions and learning to improve very much influences the children to follow the same as they watch us do so.

Many parents especially both working believe delegating responsibilities makes the child independent whereas children with home parent are much dependent and do not take responsibility easily .Well it is more of our rendering and how much space we give them.

Last is when we work together as unit in family we learn to respect and share responsibilities as when time arise rather than have clearly defined roles . Because unless we work together and some time step in other persons shoes we will be unaware how much effort the other too is putting in . As a parent responsibilities for development of the child needs to be shared and may sometimes overlap depending what you can give best also inputs of the other parent is equally important . This develops a thinking among children that all responsibilities are equally important and he gets development from different perspectives depending on different approaches of both the parents.

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8 thoughts on “Reflections 2. – Take on Responsibility

  1. While it is important that children develop independence, over-delegation can damage a child. This is a trap working parents can fall into. But stay at home parents who ask that an older child effectively raise younger siblings can cause the same harm. Children need increasing levels of responsibility. But if they struggle to complete tasks far beyond their capacity — if they are asked to be substitute parents, for instance — they will experience feelings of inadequacy that will remain w/ them for years.

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