Practical Ways – 7.Picture Comprehension

Picture comprehensions or illustrative stories with detailed and clear pictures are great way to enhance learning, communication based on inquiry method. A picture can be used for the child to comprehend details within the picture and also outside the context of the story to cover areas child can speak or write on.

There are number of comprehension pictures available online for free also a number of kids books with attractive illustration but let us see how these can be used. for example: A book on a moral story with detail illustrations , or birthday event or visit to places like zoo , park.. or a picture showing a detail of these events or place is a best way to get started. A variety of questions can be asked from maths ,to language to science skills :

1.What are the different objects seen of a type , count of each type of object or total number of different types of Number of trees, number of animals of each type, different types of candies and count of each type.

2.Questions related to position where is the object corresponding to another object or name the object at a particular position: where is the pencil, what is between the slide and the swing.

3.Question related to description of objects in picture ,what is red and blue , how is the child feeling, what is that is small round object on the shelf, Which red colour vehicle is seen in the picture.

4.Questions related to actions who is doing what and why and using pronouns and nouns to address in correct way eg: who is sitting on the swing, what is hiding behind the tree, where are they going .Who are watching the tv.

5.Inquiry based on knowlege eg: living and non living objects seen , insects that can are seen , is it night or day, name of different machines seen in picture.

6.Last is perspective or value based inquiry eg: is it right to throw garbage outside the bin as shown in picture, should we wait for our turn on the swing..

The idea behind is to make a simple illustration to explore various ways to inquire and stimulate learning and look for details. These kind of questions enable them to think from different perspectives. There wont be always time to practice study as formal procedure or time based task .This technique comes very handy to check on concepts of what’s been taught in a creative and engaging way.


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  1. Very true, and not only children, but pictures and illustrations drive the point home for me too. And I am way too old, they are great to look at too.

    1. Ur never old to learn , especially if learning is interest based as I always say. Also I have covered from early education point of view the depths detailing can be made complex for using pictures for further education also

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