Rigorous Evaluation or Equitable Assessment

With changing times complexities and facets of education becoming more inclusive and interdisciplinary and collaborative. There was a time when teaching was ” A -apple” as simple as that now they are trained from the start to apply aptitude skills of things being taught with a more practical approach in form of activities beginning right from kindergarten. With changes and development in education system another challenge that needs to be equally faced is training , funds , facilities , assessment.

 As we all know, if you teach it – you assess it. We need to understand assessment is not the same as evaluation.  Assessment is a measurement of growth, not to judge the excellence. With evolution of education techniques and all inclusive or skills based learning, children will be checked on variety of evaluation parameters. But at the same time the child needs to given enough exposure and handholding through the process of developing such kind of thinking rather than letting him explore of very little he knows about. This requires workforce that is skill ready to use different forms of technology, understanding assessment criteria’s , using the tools effectively for learning, change shift in approach from “what to think to developing how to think and why to think” .

Though the evaluations have become more rigorous over time but lack of enough support for developing skills required for evaluation in the child has again lead to a boost of external support in form of classes , tutors , online learning again a hunt from multiple sources to achieve a desired result. With every new difficulty level added these services have grown in numbers. But the progress of average child is very much hampered as they still are not able to make much of it. The smarter ones know how to make of what is given to them.

Having the right training to impart these skills to kids is much necessary we do not need some experts ,as we are dealing with learners of young age and in developing phase. If children are evaluated at multiple levels , teachers too have to trained to approach the subjects with multiple levels where subjects could overlap each other , training the children with all aspects of development, breaking down to know how’s than taking for granted details will be covered some where or some time else. Knowledge is very easily available at a click, what is needed is a desperate effort to provide this knowledge in a assimilable form for children at their age.

Evaluation of subjects based on subjective , objective, aptitude , hots also requiring them to be prepared aptly for that .This requires developing with practice but also taking necessary step or tools to bring in these kind of development. Only checking them on these skills without guiding how they are to deal or what is expected out of it wont be equitable.

This calls for equitable assessment to focus and develop areas that need improvement keeping in mind matching assessment with that is being taught.

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3 thoughts on “Rigorous Evaluation or Equitable Assessment

  1. Very well explained…
    The teachers have to be skilled for equitable assesment….to develop a child’s thinking skills….encourage his or her creativity…the focus has to shift from rote learning to understanding…and also the focus has to shift from the traditional process of teacher driven teaching to learner taking over the onus of understanding…

    1. You have exactly got the point.Thanks, but it’s still a matter of debate not easily acceptable as it requires lot of responsibility from teaching side to be able track progress made rather than evaluate based on time of evaluation .

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