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Pretend play

The episodes I share here is what every parent relates to , just giving them words so we can revisit those wonderful memories how we grew with our children, well there are bad ones too I will surely skip those.Lets keep the positivity and keep out the negativity after all thats all what parenting is all about.

So now its still more home time or you can say all home time for my kids , this is about one thing I have been entertained in the past few months by my two daughters. The best thing they do with all the toys in the world is turn them to pretend play .They begin with setup and all things in place and a story outline.Now the toughest part deciding the roles every time one wants to be the superior role the mother , the teacher, the shopkeeper and other role is not much interesting the person , student , patient…This is the time if i dont interfere the entire play will come to an end before it will even begin.

The play teaches them to switch roles , the dialogues, the exchanges builds a bond how they understand and respect each other decision , take turns . Boost their creativity putting their stories into scenario, sometimes there are impromptu improvisations ,the other player completely unaware and decides to go with flow or pitch against it.This entire process helps them to develop their social and creative skills with their peer.

As a parent I use this situation to help them understand why its necessary to give chance to the other , how they need to make space for other too , if they are in it together they need to make it work keeping their emotional burst in place.Yes both my daughters are different and what they learn from it is also different , the one dominating learns to give in sometimes, the one emotional learns to let go for a bit.Its necessary we bring in life skills be a part of natural process.

These plays sometimes also highlight their views on the roles or story . My one daughter suddenly was obsessed with and her affinity to being the mother every time they played home and she would force the elder one to keep calling her mom, The funny part only thing she did was kept cooking and feeding .Even after the play she would be so much into it she would go around telling everybody to address her as mother , OK i get it either i have influenced her too much or she has in born motherly nature.

Pretend plays open a whole new world of possibilities give them your time and see them explore.They can pretend play be with their siblings , friends and even the elders can join in just dont forget you need to pretendto be a kid if u really want to join in….Happy Parenting.

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