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Act and learn

Its surprising to see how children come up with their own innovations in playing and unknowingly open new ways to learning. My kids have been finding ways to keep them engaged on their own with their parents busy in work from home and more cooking time and additional chores.
One of my kid in early stages of preschool finds it very interesting to learn and watch those moral stories videos and her sister too had to join in with only one tv at home and majority of tv time is dominated by little one whenever it is on. But somehow they found a mid way to use this to bring out their diverging sides to kill the boredom.
I saw them  enacting some of these stories with their self made props , playing the character – animal or person and trying to make dialogues as apart if play. Though both of them where tryin their best giving their angle to story and creativity with props and acting, it would sometimes land out of context.
I decided to use this play of their to teach them various parts of dialogue , expression , enacting and syncing, of the most making meaningful conclusion or moral of the story.
I joined their play as the narrator who would speak parts that needed description in between, I also played the prompter to give more details and dialogues to the storyline.
Well that was not all , when I left their father had to join in to complete their play, his style of expression and making it more melodramatic was another facet they were exposed to , though I wouldn’t have ever treated it that way.
Its very important to have more than one person or source in development of the child be it teacher, other parent, relative or counselor to give them varied angle and more varied development which can never come from a single point of view.

This play helped them a lot to improve their ways of expression being a character , understand the moral behind the story , learning to play the role of the good and the bad character , how they connect to it, syncing with the other player , language development and improvement, implementing various aspects of impromptu acting or informal speech. All this was part of their play and creativity so learning too was interesting without being forced.

Sometimes its best to let them learn through their play because not everything can be  taught through books and concepts, sometimes its just application of what they have learned , doing it , reflecting it , redoing it. Teach them all they need to know but also give them enough time and exposure to use , innovate, collaborate, reflect what they learn. Let them have creative time alone and find better ways of doing it.

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